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Where did Rain Chains Originate?
Thursday, 8 October 2009
History of Rain Chains
Originating in Japan, rain chains have been used in domestic Japanese homes for many years. Rain chains have also been found on temples due to their splendid design. The simple translation of the Japanese word "kusari doi" to English, is "chain gutter". Rain chains were invented so families in Japan would have a source of water. The chain would direct the flow of rain water from the roof of the house down the chain, and into a bucket. Presently, rain chains are used because they are attractive to many people and they provide a fantastic way to keep water away from the foundation of your home.

Rain chains are unquestionably a more decorative choice to the traditional downspout, as they are made of little metal cups which have a small hole in the bottom of each, and are linked together in a chain from the roof to the ground. The most popular material for rain chains is copper. The reason for this is that 100% pure copper is eco-friendly, it will never rust, and it will develop a beautiful green patina over time, which gives the rain chain a vintage and timeless feel. They are becoming more in demand in the Western world, as garden designers are opting to add them in their garden designs for an elegant addition. The little metal cups are typically made of copper, and can be formed to resemble flowers such as opened lilies. The overall effect of the rain chain is a shining coppery chain of lilies which fills with glistening water as it rains.

Rain chains can still be used today to aggregate rain water for other purposes. The chains can be hung beside or in gardens to collect rain water which can be used in an environmentally friendly way to water the flowers. Because the end of a rain chain originally connected to a basin or pot which filled up with rain water, a contemporary choice which touches on aspects of history would be to let the rain chain flow into a small pond, pool, or water feature in the garden. To construct a beauteous scene in the garden, the copper lily flower rain chain could flow from the roof and down into a small pond upon which float real water lilies.

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Posted by harrisonbeck6296 at 4:47 PM EDT

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